Ceramic Braces

Translucent Material
Low profile Design
Virtually Unnoticeable

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How they work

Ceramic braces have been used in the practice and refined for more than 30 years. With smooth, sculptured and translucent ceramic material, these braces offer comfort and help make your brace less noticeable. We also use tooth coloured wires in adults to ensure braces are barely visible.

Clear braces are a popular choice for teens who want to make a lasting impression and adults who want to make a less noticeable statement during treatment.

These braces are fitted to the front surfaces of your teeth and positioned to gain optimal movement. They allow perfect positioning of the teeth and are the most precise orthodontic appliances.

How are they fitted?

Each individual bracket is placed directly onto the tooth.

The cement is then set by an ultraviolet light.

The initial wire is a soft and flexible nickel titanium wire and is tied to the brackets with colourless elastics.

Ceramic Braces
Ceramic Braces


  • Translucent, designed to blend in with your teeth.
  • Small and smooth for your comfort.
  • Smile all you want, there’s no staining.

Ceramic Braces